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    Sourced Local

    This time of year is one of my favorites. Not only is it beautiful outside: fresh snow and all but we get a chance to play a little. When chefs play it means new dishes, new menus, and fresh ideas. We have always made alterations and up dates to our menus and website at this [...]

    New Marketing Media

    In the never ending search for ways to market your business Facebook and Twitter are high in the trend department. Social Media is producing great results for many a group. As of July 2009 there were 250 million active Facebook accounts. That’s a lot of people. It’s difficult to ignore the potential of even .001% of that many people [...]

    New ways to post

    You can tell that Sunday and holidays are the days I spend cruisin’ around looking at stuff on the net. I came across this article at Hospitality Trends and immediately thought of the nice comment Sue @ Turtleback cottage left me and a chat I had with Dianne from the Bellevue underground mine( ya [...]

    Ya the Christmas Party is Back!!

    So I’ve been booking Christmas parties left and right over the last few weeks. Lots of them, more than last year and new groups. This is great. I did a bit of advertising in the local paper and I was attributing it mostly to that. Good I think it’s paid off. Then I came across [...]

    New Tastes are a Go!

    It must be true. People are tired of the same old offerings.

    I had an interesting tie in to an article I read regarding restaurant trends happen today. One of my repeat customers is having a retreat coming up soon and when the front desk clerk contacted her to find out how many people would be [...]