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    This is so good!

    You may or may not of heard of a little publication called Westworld. It is produced by AMA, has a large curculation and highlights all kinds of travel.  A few months ago ( last fall actually) I was contacted by a travel writer and asked if I would be willing to host her for an evening [...]

    Why Travel?

    One day a few weeks ago was asked by one of my staff why we always want to go places, in essence why travel? I’ve been thinking about this while I’ve been planning my next trip. I’ve come up with a number of reasons, some valid some not so much. They are broken down into [...]

    Places I’ve been: Victoria BC

    Recently we went on a road trip. You know get in your car and drive, half the fun is getting there type trip. This particular trip took us to the BC coast. It had been a long time since neither Mark or I had been that direction, our passports had expired and the new ones [...]