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    This time of year

    Well the Christmas season is over and I’ve taken my holidays( to Mexico but that is another whole post) and it’s time to get back at it. Like many hospitality operators I spend the months of January and February getting ready for the Summer season. Spend days getting my accounting all caught up and filing taxes, making marketing plans [...]

    Culinary Tourism

    In early February Mark and I attended a workshop hosted at the Gualt Museum. It was one of those things that set us to work. It was the spur for our new sourced local menu, really got us going. The following is a short video all about the movement and the workshop.

    Pass promo video

    A promotional video of the Crowsnest Pass I found interesting. Hats off to the folks over at Community Futures

    The Walking Trail System in The Crowsnest Pass

    I spent awhile this morning reading the information available on the new walking trail system that a group of dedicated people have been working on for sometime now. You can find the overall plan here. Now I have heard of this trail and seen portions of it but I never really realized what an asset it is [...]

    What a Summer

    Well after all the racing around getting things ready, reorganizing, renovating etc. etc.etc, summer showed up ( at least the months that are supposed to be summer)  We hosted 4 Exploritas programs and a large number of our friends from the Niagara fly fishing club. We had weddings and reunions and guests from all over the world.( hi ladies from Australia) [...]

    Trade Type Shows

    In the past year I have participated in two trade show type gatherings: The Crowsnest Pass Trade Show  in April

     and the tourism trade show in the Pass in May  ( now I probably have the names wrong on these but you get the idea)

     Now I have an opportunity to go to the tourism trade show in Fort MacLoud  on Thursday. The great thing [...]

    Prairie N’ Peaks Quilt Festival 2011

    In conjunction with the folks in Pincher Creek  a group of us here in the Pass are involved in organizing this event. And what an event it will be. 10 days full of workshops, lectures, markets, dinners etc,etc, etc,  Check here Prairie N’ Peaks Quilt Festival  for more information and updates as they are released.

    Our newest flyer

    New ways to post

    You can tell that Sunday and holidays are the days I spend cruisin’ around looking at stuff on the net. I came across this article at Hospitality Trends and immediately thought of the nice comment Sue @ Turtleback cottage left me and a chat I had with Dianne from the Bellevue underground mine( ya [...]

    B&B forums

    On occasion I check out forums dedicated to B&B owners. I do it just to see what’s happening, get ideas and generally be nosy with what everyone else is doing. Sometimes you can get good ideas from them.Unfortunatly most that I have found are US based but they still are worth the occasional peek. The [...]

    Tourism Showcase Event

    Another of the South West Regional Alliance initiatives to help market our tourism operations took place a little while ago in Pincher Creek. Unfortunately I could not attend but Sue Moser (our best holiday home rep) managed to get there with her display. From all reports, including an article in the Pincher Creek Echo, the [...]