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    Layered Spinach Salad

    Here’s one for Bridget:

    Layered Spinach Salad

    bunch of baby spinach leaves

    1/2 head of iceberg lettuce

    3 hard boiled eggs

    6-8 strips bacon cooked and crumbled

    1/2 white or red onion cut in strips

    1 red pepper cut in strips

    shredded cheese


    1 cup sugar
    1 teaspoon salt
    dry mustard
    celery seed
    1 medium Vidalia onion, grated, or other sweet onion
    2 tablespoons vegetable oil
    1/2 cup vinegar

    In a saucepan, combine [...]

    Nice article on bread

    Here’ s a re-posted article from Slowfood USA – Nicely thought out and I love the name.


    Posted on Thu, January 08, 2009 by Jerusha Klemperer7 Comments | Categories: Bread,

    Our newest team member at Slow Food USA is Nathan Leamy.  Nathan came to us from San Francisco where he was working to help organize for, and subsequently, clean up from Slow Food [...]

    Green Tomato Chutney

    So I made all those green tomatoes into Chutney. It took about 15 min to chop up things. I did some in the food processor and then sum by hand just to mix up the texture a bit. I based the whole thing on that recipe from Instructables but changed it a bit to account for what [...]

    Recipe:The Frittata

    The other day Mark was giving me a bad time that I had so few recipes on the blog. So in an effort to make him happy I decided to post some of my favorite breakfast dishes. One of the B’s in B&B does stand for breakfast!

    A Frittata is an Italian omelette that is baked in the oven. Some [...]

    Roast Beef

    We were serving a banquet last night. Our standard roast beef buffet, nothing outrageous, in fact pretty easy in the scheme of things.  I was carving on the buffet line and a lady comes up and asks for a piece of “prime beef” or something like that. The first thing I thought was uggg another one that really doesn’t [...]

    Continuing Education Classes

    For the first time in many years I taught a Con-Ed class last week. It was as much fun as I remembered. The ladies that joined me gathered around the bar that separates the kitchen from the rest of the house and we chatted and I cooked. The topic of the class was Hors d’œuvre. You know, those [...]

    A cold and dreary Sunday afternoon ….

    my answer is to cook. I had to make cabbage rolls for a couple of clients …. so I made cabbage rolls- 35 lbs of them. Anyone want some? Besides that I did up a batch of Fougasse – an olive and herb bread. Nice stuff.

    2 tsp dry yeast1 tsp sugar1/2 cup warm water

    dissolve yeast and [...]

    The Breakfast Skillet

    For the group I have here right now,I made a Breakfast skillet for brunch. Easiest thing in the world.

    to serve 8

    spray a 9×13 baking dish.brown about 4 cups of shredded frozen hash browns in a pan with a little oil and some seasoning another pan cook 10-12 strips of diced bacon and 1/2 onion diced until almost crisp. [...]

    Recipe: Panettone (Italian Christmas Bread)

    As promised the recipe for Panettone (Italian Christmas Bread) that Mark made. You will notice that this is quite different than the usual recipes that I offer in that it has actual measurements. That’s cause its baking. It makes a difference that you must measure. Enjoy!

    This Italian fruitcake-style yeast bread is typically baked into a [...]

    Recipe: Cabbage rolls

    One our more popular dishes not on banquets but for take home.(yes we make up things for you to take home occasionally) is Cabbage Rolls. Why am I always making these for people? My guess is that everyone thinks it’s lots of work and the ones we make are a little unusual and quit good. [...]