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    Small Town Saturday Night Contest

    The Crowsnest Pass  has entered the contest hosted by Big Valley Jamboree and Travel Alberta.  We have made the cut to Top 10 and now need your vote.

    The prize is great – a “mini” Jamboree on the April 28 week end – the same day as The Kananaskis Indoor Rodeo  here in the Pass.

    You can see the [...]

    This is so good!

    You may or may not of heard of a little publication called Westworld. It is produced by AMA, has a large curculation and highlights all kinds of travel.  A few months ago ( last fall actually) I was contacted by a travel writer and asked if I would be willing to host her for an evening [...]

    Lethbridge Collage Culinary Dinner

    In days gone by , when I was a culinary student and even a Chef/ Instructor ,I was involved in student Gala Dinners. These are a way for the students to show off their new skills and raise a few dollars by producing and serving an elaborate multi course meal. When my daughter Erika ( [...]

    Life Outside of Work

    I do a few things that cannot be classified as work. Not many but a few. One of those things is visit a history forum All Empires  Well I do more than visit; I am one of four administrators there. We are a large group of people from around the world that discuss or debate, depending on the [...]