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    The Green House and Garden: Final Chapter 2011

    Its always kinda a sad day when you realize it’s time to clean up the yard cause all the plants have died off for the winter. The green house seems to be the same way.  I consider the whole experiment a success even if it could have used more care than it got. All summer I served [...]

    The Garden Part 2

    Well you got to love the weather in the Crowsnest Pass. Last week end saw me happily working away in my garden , cleaning and planting and getting everything ship shape for the summer season. Then the weatherman hit with his news * SNOW* freezing temperatures etc. etc. etc.  There should be a law against weathermen changing their [...]

    The Garden

    Getting ready for the summer season means many things around here- spring cleaning, painting, repairs of winter damage , etc etc etc, My favorite is  cleaning and planting the flowerbeds and planters. After looking over the forecast for the dreaded frost and snow I decided the time had come. To my delight the weather cooperated and  yesterday morning [...]

    The Green House

    I found myself in the position to have access to a green house where I can grow herbs and vegetables. Well of course I immediately took my friend up on the offer. Since that dark winter day I have sprouted my little seedlings under lights in the basement – spinach, basil, peas, lettuces, rosemary, oregano, etc. Now to a seasoned grower these may be strange [...]