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    Hokuto cultural exchange

    For the last week we have been hosting jointly with  York Creek B&B  a group of junior high students from Hokuto city Japan . The young people have been here taking in the sights and life in the Crowsnest Pass. Along with visits to the local tourist venues they met up with the boys and girls [...]

    Chamber After Hours

    We had the good fortune to cater the goodies for the Crowsnest Pass Chamber After Hours last night. It was at the new store of Crowsnest Pass rentals and hosted by Kathy and Arran of the for mentioned as well as Lowry Tombs of Royal Lapage. With about 50 people in attendance it was a [...]

    Our interview with Elisha Rasmussen of Global Lethbridge

    Late last month Elisha Rasmussen came out to the Crowsnest Pass  and interviewed a number of local tourism folks.  On July 9  our interview was aired as part of her segment on Global News. You can see ours at  It was a pleasure to have her here with us . Thanks Elisha

    Small Town Saturday Night Contest

    The Crowsnest Pass  has entered the contest hosted by Big Valley Jamboree and Travel Alberta.  We have made the cut to Top 10 and now need your vote.

    The prize is great – a “mini” Jamboree on the April 28 week end – the same day as The Kananaskis Indoor Rodeo  here in the Pass.

    You can see the [...]

    The Garden Part 2

    Well you got to love the weather in the Crowsnest Pass. Last week end saw me happily working away in my garden , cleaning and planting and getting everything ship shape for the summer season. Then the weatherman hit with his news * SNOW* freezing temperatures etc. etc. etc.  There should be a law against weathermen changing their [...]

    The New Room

    Over the winter we have been upgrading our last guest room. That makes 4 in all. Now with spring here the room is ready for use. I must admit it’s turned out very well although a touch small compared to some of the others even if it is the same size as The Garden room. Have [...]

    Strange Search Terms and Stuff

    I was looking at the stats analysis on the blog and came across the page that gives you the search terms that people use to find a site. In the case of this site its no surprise that “Country Encounters” was the number one search term. Now there was some terms that are not so unusual. Things like “Alberta [...]

    Pass promo video

    A promotional video of the Crowsnest Pass I found interesting. Hats off to the folks over at Community Futures

    Tapas and Wine Tasting Night

    Recently we hosted for a group, a tapas and wine tasting night here at the house. From my point of view it was a lot of fun and how couldn’t it be- I got to cook and serve a bunch of really cool stuff to a group that really enjoyed themselves. When I was talking with [...]

    Continuing Education Classes

    For the first time in many years I taught a Con-Ed class last week. It was as much fun as I remembered. The ladies that joined me gathered around the bar that separates the kitchen from the rest of the house and we chatted and I cooked. The topic of the class was Hors d’œuvre. You know, those [...]