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    Hokuto cultural exchange

    For the last week we have been hosting jointly with  York Creek B&B  a group of junior high students from Hokuto city Japan . The young people have been here taking in the sights and life in the Crowsnest Pass. Along with visits to the local tourist venues they met up with the boys and girls [...]

    A Blog I Found

    I came across Danial Craig’s Blog the other day and have spent a number of hours reading all the good stuff he has written about. Definitely worth a peek.

    The Sinister 7

    You may or may not know that this week end was Sinister 7 week end here in the Pass. As in the past, the B&B was full to capacity with those crazy folks out here to run. After talking with them over the week end about the race and how it was run etc. the consensus is that it was [...]

    The New Room

    Over the winter we have been upgrading our last guest room. That makes 4 in all. Now with spring here the room is ready for use. I must admit it’s turned out very well although a touch small compared to some of the others even if it is the same size as The Garden room. Have [...]

    Holiday Cards and Travel Alberta

    I just posted some Holiday Card offers on the Travel Alberta site.See them here  and hereNow this could have been quite a harrowing experience if not for a nice fellow named Christopher out of Travel Alberta’s Edmonton office.

    Christopher spotted my submission quickly after I sent it and was on the phone to me. He had all [...]

    This is so good!

    You may or may not of heard of a little publication called Westworld. It is produced by AMA, has a large curculation and highlights all kinds of travel.  A few months ago ( last fall actually) I was contacted by a travel writer and asked if I would be willing to host her for an evening [...]

    So much going on

    Oh boy have things been going on. Renovations ( more to come on that one), moving, website revamps, opening and first use of our new meeting space ( more to come on this one too), First time appearance as a exhibitor at the trade show, hosting Exploritas programs and our new retreats.  Wow lots of stuff.

    We [...]

    Repairs and Maintenance continues…..

    Awhile back I did a post on some up grades we were doing to some bathrooms. Well like all things it mushroomed a little and we went on to replace flooring and light fixtures in the guest room attached to one of those bathrooms. Here’s some photos of the final results.

    And the bedroom- the Garden [...]

    Repairs and Upgrades

    When one owns an accommodation property, be it a holiday home or B&B, there are always repairs to be done. It’s worse if said property is a 100+ year old building that has been renovated in stages. Needless to stay we are always doing something to our places. It may be as simple as touching [...]