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    The Steak

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    After my last cooking class and then barbequing some nice New Yorks for dinner tonight , I thought  a few tips might be in order. So here we go:

    1. Always choose an appropriate cut of beef to grill- the more tender,well-marbled cuts such as striploin( New York)  or Rib Steak work very well but are not the only ones that can give you good results with proper preparation beforehand. Try a sirloin or flat iron but give them son TLC beforehand by marinating them in a concoction with a high acid content- salad dressings are some of my favourite bases for marinating. Always choose Alberta Beef for the best results.


    2.  Always pre heat your grill and you want it quite hot.


    3. Remember to season them even if you marinated.


    4. Don’t overcook them-  a maximum of medium will give you the best results.


    5. Serve them right away for best results and remember they will cook another 5 degrees after you take them off the grill.



    Ready to serve Ready to serve






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