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    The Chefs Table?

    What to call the service we have been offering since last fall is the real question. Here’s how it works:My dinning room is suitable to serve up to 24 people for a private function. You phone ahead for a reservation and we choose a menu. It could be anything from our main menu through our Taste the [...]

    The New Room

    Over the winter we have been upgrading our last guest room. That makes 4 in all. Now with spring here the room is ready for use. I must admit it’s turned out very well although a touch small compared to some of the others even if it is the same size as The Garden room. Have [...]

    The Green House

    I found myself in the position to have access to a green house where I can grow herbs and vegetables. Well of course I immediately took my friend up on the offer. Since that dark winter day I have sprouted my little seedlings under lights in the basement – spinach, basil, peas, lettuces, rosemary, oregano, etc. Now to a seasoned grower these may be strange [...]