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    Pass promo video

    A promotional video of the Crowsnest Pass I found interesting. Hats off to the folks over at Community Futures

    Tapas and Wine Tasting Night

    Recently we hosted for a group, a tapas and wine tasting night here at the house. From my point of view it was a lot of fun and how couldn’t it be- I got to cook and serve a bunch of really cool stuff to a group that really enjoyed themselves. When I was talking with [...]

    Continuing Education Classes

    For the first time in many years I taught a Con-Ed class last week. It was as much fun as I remembered. The ladies that joined me gathered around the bar that separates the kitchen from the rest of the house and we chatted and I cooked. The topic of the class was Hors d’Ĺ“uvre. You know, those [...]