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    This is so good!

    You may or may not of heard of a little publication called Westworld. It is produced by AMA, has a large curculation and highlights all kinds of travel.  A few months ago ( last fall actually) I was contacted by a travel writer and asked if I would be willing to host her for an evening while she checked out our area. I thought what the hell, what could I possible be out. So she came , ended up staying 2 nights, we had fun and I talked up the area.  Got a copy of her lovely book “Road Trips” as a parting gift and life went on.

    Last week I was getting ready to go out the door to the Trade Show and I got a phone call from a lady in Ontario. She wanted to know all about the area etc.ect.ect. So I told her what I could in about 10 mins or so. Then she said that she had read about us in Westworld. Things didn’t really click but ok. Off to the show I went and while I was flambeing I had a local tell me all about this article and how we were mentioned in it. It finally hit me what this was all about. That travel writers article had come out.  Since that time ( only a week) I have had 5 different calls regarding it. 

    Its’s a great article and we are even mentioned in it. Take a look History Echoes in the Crowsnest Pass 


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