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    Repairs and Maintenance continues…..

    Awhile back I did a post on some up grades we were doing to some bathrooms. Well like all things it mushroomed a little and we went on to replace flooring and light fixtures in the guest room attached to one of those bathrooms. Here’s some photos of the final results.

    And the bedroom- the Garden [...]

    Lethbridge Collage Culinary Dinner

    In days gone by , when I was a culinary student and even a Chef/ Instructor ,I was involved in student Gala Dinners. These are a way for the students to show off their new skills and raise a few dollars by producing and serving an elaborate multi course meal. When my daughter Erika ( [...]

    New Marketing Media

    In the never ending search for ways to market your business Facebook and Twitter are high in the trend department. Social Media is producing great results for many a group. As of July 2009 there were 250 million active Facebook accounts. That’s a lot of people. It’s difficult to ignore the potential of even .001% of that many people [...]

    Things they are a changing

    Boy it’s been a long time since I posted. Sorry folks,I’ve been busy and our lives and business have been changing. Old standbys have dropped away and new things are on the horizon.  We have a couple of major decisions to make- which direction to go in. They could include everything from additions to the B&B , buying another property [...]