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    New ways to post

    You can tell that Sunday and holidays are the days I spend cruisin’ around looking at stuff on the net. I came across this article at Hospitality Trends and immediately thought of the nice comment Sue @ Turtleback cottage left me and a chat I had with Dianne from the Bellevue underground mine( ya [...]

    Ya the Christmas Party is Back!!

    So I’ve been booking Christmas parties left and right over the last few weeks. Lots of them, more than last year and new groups. This is great. I did a bit of advertising in the local paper and I was attributing it mostly to that. Good I think it’s paid off. Then I came across [...]

    Repairs and Upgrades

    When one owns an accommodation property, be it a holiday home or B&B, there are always repairs to be done. It’s worse if said property is a 100+ year old building that has been renovated in stages. Needless to stay we are always doing something to our places. It may be as simple as touching [...]

    I have no followers

    Although I have had a number of visitors to this blog I’ve had very few comments (thanks John for being the first) and I have no followers. I was at a function the other day and even had someone mention that they read it. So now the question is how do I get people to [...]

    B&B forums

    On occasion I check out forums dedicated to B&B owners. I do it just to see what’s happening, get ideas and generally be nosy with what everyone else is doing. Sometimes you can get good ideas from them.Unfortunatly most that I have found are US based but they still are worth the occasional peek. The [...]

    Recipe: Panettone (Italian Christmas Bread)

    As promised the recipe for Panettone (Italian Christmas Bread) that Mark made. You will notice that this is quite different than the usual recipes that I offer in that it has actual measurements. That’s cause its baking. It makes a difference that you must measure. Enjoy!

    This Italian fruitcake-style yeast bread is typically baked into a [...]

    New Tastes are a Go!

    It must be true. People are tired of the same old offerings.

    I had an interesting tie in to an article I read regarding restaurant trends happen today. One of my repeat customers is having a retreat coming up soon and when the front desk clerk contacted her to find out how many people would be [...]