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    Places I’ve been: Victoria BC

    Recently we went on a road trip. You know get in your car and drive, half the fun is getting there type trip. This particular trip took us to the BC coast. It had been a long time since neither Mark or I had been that direction, our passports had expired and the new ones had not come yet, so off we went.

    We left just after serving a banquet (around 10 pm) and drove as far as Creston the first night. We checked into what Mark calls a Bluebird. You know the type; a little strip motel with nothing but a bed, hopefully decent, and a bathroom. Now you would think that these should be cheep right? Well this one cost me $94.00 including tax (holy crap they got a lot of tax in BC) and it was certainly nothing to write home about. Next morning up and out the door we went ready to really start our adventure. The drive was picturesque and the day was lovely. Around lunch time we decided to go with one of our favourite meals on the road: salami, cheese, bread etc. eaten in the car or as a picnic. here cam the first discovery of the trip; a bread called a sharing loaf. It’s a round loaf with scores cut in the top so you can pull out a piece. The texture and flavour where great and if I ever find a recipe I will include it.

    Now every road trip needs a theme. Our last one was antiques (but that is another whole story) Somewhere along highway 3 the theme came to us: wine. We were on the BC wine route so stopping at wineries was the answer. Our first stop brought us to a winery called   CRowsnest Vineyards how could we pass it up. They had several lovely vintages including one with a label with Crowsnest prominently featured. We bought some and theme was started. On we drove.

    We arrived at the BC ferry terminal in Delta just in time – to wait for the next ferry. How in the world these people tolerate all this ferry line waiting I’ll never know. Our trip took us to Nanaimo and another low end motel (although it was slightly cheaper and in a better state) but it was 11 pm and we would be off again in the morning.

    Day two brought a slow drive down the island highway (now I’ve been from start to finish on the trans Canada highway) stopping at several vineyards along the way. . Cherry Point Vineyards produces a very likeable white blend called Coastel White that I discovered I can get in Sparwood. We stopped at Merridale Cidery for a sample and lunch. I had a great lamb burger and really enjoyed the tour of the vineyard (?) . 
    Next it was on to our main accommodations in Victoria. Here I had broken one of the rules of a road trip and made a reservation. The Proir house was a lovely mansion style B&B ( we thought we should actually stay in a few more B&Bs seeing as we own one) with a welcoming hostess and a gorgeous space. From here we explored Victoria ,attending the Royal BC museums’ exhibit from the British Museum, taking in sights and restaurants. The museum trip was good but in some ways disappointing, mostly I think cause I spent 2 whole days in the real thing last year. The best find of the 2 days was a small tapas bar in down town Victoria which I can not remember the name of but it is on a little side street right by the Bay mall. Way good food.

    Next it was back in ferry line ups to go to Mayne Island to meet up with family (my uncle lives there) Mayne island is a lovely place all be it slightly introverted. Here I found my dream operation,The  Oceanwood  . Now if I only had a million of so dollars.

    Because I stayed another day with relatives the drive back was quick and uneventful. All in all a great trip.


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