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    All About Me

    How did I get into the business?This is one of those questions that has a shot and a long answer. Short first – I’ve always been in the hospitality business. At 14 I got a job at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Calgary and have worked as one position or another in the business ever [...]

    Why Travel?

    One day a few weeks ago was asked by one of my staff why we always want to go places, in essence why travel? I’ve been thinking about this while I’ve been planning my next trip. I’ve come up with a number of reasons, some valid some not so much. They are broken down into [...]

    Doneness of Beef

    There seems to be some discrepancies in people’s perception of what medium rare is when it comes to the doneness of beef. I was serving a dinner, carving a roast beef and had a lady ask me for medium done. No problem we can do that. I carved her a couple of slices done medium, [...]

    The Deposit Dilemma

    This topic sprouted because of a bill I am having trouble collecting on. This doesn’t happen very often in fact while catering it has happened only once before. But it has caused me to look at my deposit policies.

    For accommodation bookings I have always required a credit card number. It’s just good sense. In [...]

    Tourism Showcase Event

    Another of the South West Regional Alliance initiatives to help market our tourism operations took place a little while ago in Pincher Creek. Unfortunately I could not attend but Sue Moser (our best holiday home rep) managed to get there with her display. From all reports, including an article in the Pincher Creek Echo, the [...]

    Travel Alberta Workshops

    Recently we catered a workshop lunch for Travel Alberta dealing with internet marketing and I was fortunate enough to be able to sit in on at least most of the afternoon seminar. Marty, the session leader was full of all sorts of tips and advice on how to tweak and get the most out of [...]

    Places I’ve been: Victoria BC

    Recently we went on a road trip. You know get in your car and drive, half the fun is getting there type trip. This particular trip took us to the BC coast. It had been a long time since neither Mark or I had been that direction, our passports had expired and the new ones [...]

    Recipe: Cabbage rolls

    One our more popular dishes not on banquets but for take home.(yes we make up things for you to take home occasionally) is Cabbage Rolls. Why am I always making these for people? My guess is that everyone thinks it’s lots of work and the ones we make are a little unusual and quit good. [...]

    Dine alberta, Source Local and Culinary Tourism

    As relatively new travel trend (ok so the trend is not new just the name) Culinary Tourism sounds interesting and right up my alley. I mean that’s how we like to travel, go to a place, immerse ourselves in the culture, history, and food of the area and then head home. Our trip to Japan [...]

    What to do with customers that don’t pay their bills?

    Although it rarely happens for me occasionally I get a catering customer that doesn’t pay their bill. My real question is what can be done? It is really frustrating ,I mean you pay for all the food and your rent on the facility all the linen and then when you give the customer their bill [...]